10 of the worst country music songs of all time

Florida Georgia Line

Country music has been accused of being formulaic and uninspired for decades. The music of America’s heartland has lost its soul, some say, by chasing the mainstream dollar powered by record executives in Nashville. That sentiment isn’t new.

But even for fans of country, there are some songs that are just plain unbearable to listen to. After hours of painstaking listening, these are the top 10 worst country songs of all time, in my opinion. 

„Rocky Top“ by Osborne Brothers is a lot of bad all at the same time.

A shrill voice. An obnoxiously fast rhythm. A song that talks about mating with a half-cat woman on top of a Smoky Mountain peak. This song is baffling.

The State of Tennessee general assembly voted this song as an official state song in 1982, which boggles the mind, considering the disproportionate amount of musical talent hailing from the Volunteer State. Cash, Elvis Presley, Isaac Hayes, B.B. King, Justin Timberlake, Dolly Parton—even Three 6 Mafia — have all put out more iconic songs than this. 

This song gets a lot of respect for being a classic, but being recorded in analog doesn’t mean it’s actually any good.

„Rap is Crap“ by Curt Henning and the West Texas Rednecks has bad lyrics.

In the late 1990’s professional wrestling was reigning atop the American zeitgeist and one of the more peculiar moments from this moment in time was this music video from Curt Henning and the West Texas Rednecks.

Filmed in Nashville, the video somehow received actual play time in front of millions of households and made it onto an album

The lyrics are filled with references to NASCAR, Willie Nelson, and Richard Petty, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing for a country song. Jeff Foxworthy even makes a cameo as a cardboard cutout. Execution is poor; however, and the lyrics are even poorer.

„I like country music. I like country girls. I like Willie Nelson, and don’t forget about Merle. There’s only one thing that I hate cause it’s a bunch of crap. I hate rap. Rap is crap.“

No sir, this song is crap.

Jake Owen’s „I Was Jack (You Were Diane)“ disappoints.

John Mellencamp’s „Jack and Diane“ is an American classic. The iconic backbeat, the tale of summertime love, the memories of your first kiss that are much sweeter than it actually was. That’s what „Jack and Diane“ is all about.

It’s easy to see why Mellencamp’s classic is an inspiration for songwriters, but Jake Owen’s 2018 take on the song? It’s doesn’t improve upon the original formula. Owen takes the „Cougar’s“ beat and layers the Nashville-hit formula on thick by mimicking Mellencamp lyrics about blue jeans, radios, and being 16.

No one can accuse the original of being outside of the box, but this song didn’t even get creative. 

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