13 ways you're wasting electricity that are costing you

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If you want to save some cash while also saving the environment, it’s important to be aware of your energy usage. There are many hidden ways you might be wasting precious electricity and adding to your monthly utility bill.

Here are a few ways you could be wasting energy without even realizing it.

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You hold the refrigerator door open while you decide what to eat.

Trying to cobble together a decent meal from the leftovers and random sauces in your refrigerator? Don’t just stand there gazing into the glow.

The University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences estimates that 7% of a refrigerator’s total energy use is the result of opening its doors. Though you obviously need to open your fridge to grab food, try to plan meals ahead or after taking a quick glance inside.

You stash warm leftovers in the fridge.

According to building-science consultant Michael Blasnik, placing hot food in the fridge is the worst thing you can do if you want to keep your refrigerator running efficiently.

„You could open the refrigerator door hundreds of times before you’d waste the energy you do by putting a pot of hot soup into the refrigerator,“ Blasnik told Phys.org.

You leave your appliances plugged in when you’re not using them.

It might seem like a chore to plug in your microwave every time you need to heat up some leftovers then unplug it when you’re done, but leaving your gadgets connected to power at all times wastes electricity.

According to the Department of Energy, electronics and appliances use energy even when they’re turned off. That’s true of phone chargers, laptops, televisions, curling irons, and kitchen appliances.

Connecting your devices to a power strip can make it easier to turn off multiple unused items in one go.

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