I dropped $1,500 on Apple's new MacBook Air — these are the 13 things I love and hate about it (AAPL)

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Last week, I spent the most money I’ve ever spent on myself: just shy of $1,500 for a swanky new MacBook Air

Two days ago, that very expensive device arrived at my apartment, and I’ve been excitedly using it ever since. As a decades-long MacBook loyalist, I have a lot to say — both positive and negative — about Apple’s latest flagship laptop. 

Allow me to get one thing out of the way up front: Yes, it feels worth the price.

That said, let’s dig in!

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Here’s what I bought (and why it cost $1,500 instead of

If you buy the base level MacBook Air that Apple just released, it costs $1199 before tax. If you add RAM, like I did, it costs an extra $200. 

I felt pretty comfortable with the CPU, and I refuse to pay $200 for a measly 128 GB of extra internal storage, but I relented on the RAM upgrade — I want this computer to last at least four years, and 8 GB of RAM simply isn’t going to cut it. If I could’ve added even more, I probably would’ve.

All that said, after tax, I paid just shy of $1,450 — nearly $1,500. That was on the high end of what I was willing to pay for a new laptop, but I’m glad I did. So far, I really love the new MacBook Air.

What I love about it: 1. The keyboard (Yes, the keyboard!)

Years ago, Apple replaced its traditional keyboards with a new type of keyboard. It had shallower keys, and it was a revelation. Suddenly I could type faster than ever before. 

In recent years, Apple has attempted to evolve its keyboard further. I can’t speak to those iterations, but the latest evolution in the MacBook Air feels like another massive step forward — along the lines of the previous keyboard evolution so many years ago.

The keys are somehow even more shallow than previous generations of Apple’s keyboards, but they’ve got a new clickiness that offers more reassurance than ever before that you’ve actually hit a key. Is it noisy? Yes, it’s a little noisy. Do I notice it? No more than I notice typing on any other keyboard. It’s certainly less noisy than the mechanical keyboard I use on my gaming PC, and maybe a bit louder than typing on Apple’s previous keyboard.

For some reason, in many reviews of the new MacBook Air, Apple’s new keyboard is seen as a negative. To each his/her own of course, but I have no idea what they’re talking about. I took to the new keyboard immediately, and already wish it were a standard on every other device I type on. 

2. The massive, quiet touchpad.

The touchpad on the new MacBook Air is outrageously large; it takes up the majority of the bottom third of the laptop’s base. It feels, frankly, ridiculous compared to the 2014 MacBook Air I was using up until Wednesday. 

I don’t mean that as a negative. It’s as good a touchpad as Apple’s ever made, which is to say it functions more or less flawlessly. While I’m typing this sentence, my mouse cursor isn’t flailing wildly all over the screen — despite the fact that both of my palms are repeatedly hitting the touchpad. But when I do reach down to use it, it’s responsive and quick.

Perhaps best of all, it’s nearly silent. Since the touchpad uses haptics, there are no moving parts. The „click“ I feel is a simulated one. If the MacBook is turned off, the touchpad is a solid piece of un-moving metal. I’m not actually sure that it makes any noise at all, or if my brain is „hearing“ a noise because my finger registers a click. 


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