Behind the scenes of one of the midterms' biggest upsets — Democrat Max Rose's defeat of incumbent Republican Dan Donovan on Staten Island

max rose

  • Congressional candidate Max Rose, a Democrat, defeated Republican incumbent Dan Donovan in a district that includes Staten Island and part of Brooklyn.
  • Staten Island is known as New York City’s reddest borough and went to Donald Trump in 2016.
  • Take a look behind the scenes of his election night party.

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When I met Garth Powell, he was standing outside a polling site in Staten Island with a sign that simply said, „MAX ROSE FOR CONGRESS.“

He’d taken 10 days off work to canvas for Rose, going door to door for days to introduce Staten Islanders and South Brooklyn residents to the candidate.

Like many of the volunteers for Rose who I met on November 6, he’d had a handful of hours of sleep the night before, but he was quick to smile and greet all who walked past him. He’d been volunteering since August for Rose, but even he was nervous.

When asked how he felt about Rose’s chances, he glanced up at the rain and shrugged before turning to me. „It’s Staten Island,“ he offered in response, likely referring to the fact that for that Staten Island is considered one of the strongest bases of Republican support in New York City.

Dan Donovan, the Republican incumbent for New York’s 11th District (which encompasses all of Staten Island and the southern tip of Brooklyn) won the last congressional election by 53,000 votes.

The district voted heavily in favor of Donald Trump in 2016.

Many of the campaign volunteers I spoke with during the day shared a similar sense of clouded optimism.

But neither Staten Island’s Republican legacy nor heavy rain and wind deterred the hundreds of volunteers who knocked on an estimated 500,000 doors leading up to the midterm election.

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