10 things you're doing that are giving you body acne, according to dermatologists

body acne

  • Body acne can occur on the chest, back, underarms, and bottom. 
  • Certain things, like not showering after working out or getting too stressed out, can trigger body acne. 
  • If you have no relief with over-the-counter products such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid wash, consider seeing a dermatologist. 

We all know that hormones, diet, and skin-care products play a big part in influencing those nasty breakouts that appear on your face every so often. However, you’ll definitely want to acknowledge that body acne (which can occur on the chest, back, underarms, and bottom) can be particularly stubborn, as board-certified dermatologist Dr. David Lortscher explained that some body acne cases require a course of oral antibiotics for treatment.

However, aside from seeing a dermatologist, Dr. Lortscher recommended being aware of body acne triggers, as lifestyle and dietary habits can be a big indicator of what’s actually causing it. To help you find the root behind your body acne, we spoke to some experts on the topic to help you keep those breakouts at bay once and for all.

Below are some things to keep in mind if those acne flare-ups are becoming too much to handle.

You are not showering after working out.

„Bacteria (one component of acne) loves moist warm skin and proliferates, causing acne flares,“ said board-certified dermatologist Anna Guanche, MD.

To avoid unwanted flare-ups, she recommended showering and cooling off after workouts.

You are using testosterone gel.

„Testosterone made you break out in puberty and here it is again,“ Dr. Guanche said. If you are supplementing with a gel or cream, that may be the culprit, she suggested.

You are using steroids.

„Whether you are taking them to bulk up, have eczema or psoriasis, and are using a steroid cream, you can definitely get steroid acne on your trunk from this,“ Dr. Guanche said.

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