There are 7 versions of Spider-Man in 'Into the Spider-Verse' — here are the actors behind each one

spider man into spider verse

  • There are seven prominent versions of Spider-Man in „Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse,“ in theaters Friday, December 14.
  • Here are all the actors you can expect to hear, including a few you may not have expected like Chris Pine and Nicolas Cage.

The first reviews for „Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse“ are out and they’re extremely positive with many of them, including us, calling it the best movie of the year. 

The Sony animated movie follows teenager Miles Morales who gets bitten by a spider and discovers he has the powers of the popular webslinger. He gets tangled up with a few other versions of the character throughout the movie when their parallel universes collide. 

Who are all of these Spider people?

If you’re familiar with the comics, you probably know Spider-Gwen and Spider-Noir, but do you know all of the actors behind the familiar faces? Keep reading to see all of the Spider-Men — and women — you’ll see in the movie along with who’s playing them.

Jake Johnson („New Girl“) is the voice of an alternate Spider-Man, Peter B. Parker.

Peter B. Parker is a slightly older Peter Parker whose life took a different turn.

He and Mary Jane Watson called off their relationship and Parker became a depressed, disheveled shell of the hero he once was. He packed on a few pounds and prefers wearing sweats over his Spider-Man costume. No judgment.

Miles Morales is voiced by Shameik Moore.

The „Get Down“ actor plays the teen who gets bit by a spider and gains abilities similar to Spider-Man. He’s hoping Jake Johnson’s Spider-Man will teach him the ropes of what it means to be Spidey.

Hailee Steinfeld voices scene-stealer Gwen Stacy, aka Spider Woman.

Stacy is the Spider-Woman of Earth-65, a parallel Earth where Peter Parker never becomes Spider-Man. Instead he gets killed. In the comics, he’s accidentally killed by Gwen Stacy.

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