12 things you didn't know about 'Degrassi'

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  • Degrassi isn’t afraid to try something new all the time — tackling important issues like Islamophobia, gender identity, and various sexualities on a regular basis.
  • One of the most important episodes Degrassi ever did was originally not aired on TV in the US — but eventually made it into a marathon on the network two years after its original air date in Canada.
  • Most of the cast of „Degrassi: The Next Generation“ reunited for Degrassi alum Drake’s „I’m Upset“ video in 2018.

Those in the US might not know it, but Degrassi has been running in Canada in one form or another for nearly 40 years.

Part of the magic is age-appropriate casting — and a cast who grows up and graduates to make room for a new cast. As long-running Degrassi star Stefan Brogren — who is also a director on the show — told the Hollywood Reporter in 2017, „the drugs have changed, but the problems are still the same.“

We rounded up some fun facts about this beloved show. 

You might recognize some former Degrassi stars from other things.

Of course, the first Degrassi megastar everyone thinks of is Drake. But the show also brought the world Nina Dobrev of „The Vampire Diaries“ fame, Shenae Grimes-Beech from „90210,“ Munro Chambers of the indie sci-fi/horror film „Turbo Kid,“ model Christina Schmidt, and Cassie Steele who does the voices of Tammy Gueterman and Tricia Long on „Rick and Morty.“


Speaking of Drake, he still gets checks from Degrassi today.

Although he left the show in 2007, the residuals are still rolling in — enough for something small at the Dot, perhaps?


As of November 2018, there are five different series in the Degrassi universe.

It’s a Canadian institution that started as a miniseries in 1979 and continued through five separate series: „The Kids of Degrassi Street,“ „Degrassi Junior High,“ „Degrassi High,“ „Degrassi: The Next Generation,“ and „Degrassi: New Class“ — which is also the first Degrassi series to be available internationally on Netflix.

As teen dramas go, it has consistently tackled groundbreaking and serious topics that other shows didn’t. In 2012, it became the longest-running Canadian television series of all time.

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