11 of Olivia Pope's best looks on 'Scandal'

Olivia pope scandal

  • Olivia Pope had some killer fashion moments. 
  • Neutrals were her signature.
  • She also rocked capes. 

Kerry Washington is known for her excellent red carpet looks, but while she played Olivia Pope on ABC’s „Scandal,“ her fashion was similarly stunning.

Costume designer Lyn Paolo took Olivia Pope’s style to the next level and it’s hard to deny that Washington’s character was consistently one of the most fashion-forward characters on TV.

Here are some of Olivia Pope’s best looks on „Scandal.“

The first time Olivia wore a white trench coat is so memorable.

Olivia Pope handled all of her business in pieces that sent a message that she was in charge. Throughout the seasons, she wore many coats, particularly structured or belted coats.

The first time she wore a trench coat, however, was in the pilot episode and Paolo chose white, which became closely associated with Olivia and her „gladiators“ over the course of the series.

„The Tory Burch white trench from the pilot started it all,“ Paolo told Fashionista.com. „We still have the trench and it is sadly a bit worse for wear, but I will always have a special place in my heart for Tory and her line because this coat started it all for ‘Scandal.'“

Handbags and coats or capes were always the centerpiece of Olivia’s ensembles.

This Olivia Pope look is a classic. From the gloves to the elegant coat, this is the sort of stylish, yet understated outfit fans came to expect. Olivia wore gloves quite a few times on the show, but the association with the character started by happenstance.

„About four years ago the three-quarter sleeve length coats were in fashion again,“ Paolo told Newsweek. „We had one with a belt and [Kerry and I] were chatting about a scene where Olivia had to run down a hallway to see Fitz. We both said, ‚You know, it feels a bit naked. It doesn’t feel Olivia Pope worthy.‘ So we threw in some gloves.“

Olivia Pope really knew how to rock a coat.

At the beginning of season five, things changed a bit wardrobe-wise for Olivia, with her wearing much more color.

Like many of Olivia’s coats over the years, this one is dramatic, stylish, and sends a clear message that she’s in charge.

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