13 tips for getting the best deals on wine at Costco (COST)

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  • Costco wines prove to be a major draw for some members. 
  • Business Insider spoke to Costco Wine Blog founder Andrew Cullen and reviewer Erin Reyes about their top strategies for finding great wines at a good value. 
  • They recommended tips like always checking the vintage year and making friends with the warehouse wine advisor.

Costco wines, like just about everything else at the warehouse chain, have accrued somewhat of a cult following.

There’s a whole blog — aptly named the Costco Wine Blog — dedicated to reviewing all the whites, reds, rosés, and bubblies the retailer has to offer. The blog is completely independent of Costco, and it’s attracted a community of fans.

„Costco is almost like a curated wine collection for members,“ blog founder and editor Andrew Cullen told Business Insider. „You’re not going to go there and find whatever bottle you may be looking for.“

Business Insider recently spoke to Cullen and contributing reviewer Erin Reyes to get their top tips on how to make the most of your next wine run at Costco. Both agreed that the chain tends to offer high-quality wines for reasonable prices.

„We all want to find really good wine at really good prices,“ Cullen said. „Costco’s a really good place to do that.“

Here are their top tips for buying wine at Costco:

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Look out for Kirkland wines …

„Having access to the selection of Kirkland Signature wines is a huge, huge benefit for any Costco member and wine shopper,“ Cullen said. „You can only get them at Costco. You’re getting access to really good wines from top wine regions at really good prices, typically.“

… and take a closer look at the labels.

Costco has a history of partnering up with quality brands in order to craft its Kirkland products. Kirkland wines are no exception. And there’s a subtle strategy for checking out where your wine is coming from.

Cullen said that occasionally, Costco wines list the winemaker on the back of the bottle.

„Then you can Google him or her and find out where they’re producing wine,“ he said. „Then you can narrow it down and be like, ‚Well it’s so and so winemaker, and he’s in Washington state, and they produce from this vineyard, so this is probably coming from this area or this vineyard.'“

Don’t be afraid to dig around.

Cullen said that he’s never afraid to dig around in the wine section of the warehouse.

„People think you’re really weird when you’re doing that, but it’s totally worth it,“ he said.

That’s because different vintages tend to be thrown in the bins together.

„Don’t just grab the first bottle,“ Reyes said. She said that while vintage might not matter as much for lower-end wines, for high-ticket bottles it’s far more crucial.

Cullen described finding separate vintages at the same price.  

„If there are a bunch of ’15s on top, you might dig down and find a ’14,“ he said. „You might even find a ’13 vintage, stuck in there. It doesn’t hurt to look.“

Cullen also recommended checking beneath the wooden racks, where you might also find a forgotten bottle of an otherwise sold-out wine. 

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