The new $255 Fossil Sport is one of the most comfortable smartwatches I've ever worn

Fossil Sport Smartwatch

  • The Fossil Sport is a $255 fitness-focused smartwatch. 
  • The watch has the latest and greatest smartwatch chip, and the new Wear OS from Google, meaning it’s one of the most powerful smartwatches you can buy right now. 
  • I’ve been using the watch on and off for the last few weeks, and found a lot to like about it, mostly how comfortable it is to wear. There’s only one problem: it’s already sold out. 

For anyone in the market for a new smartwatch, Fossil recently released a worthy new option: the Fossil Sport

The new watch, which costs $255, is among the first smartwatches to contain the new Snapdragon Wear 3100 chip from Qualcomm. The means the watch should deliver better battery life as well as some other improvements.

Plus, it runs the latest version of Wear OS, Google’s most recent update to its smartwatch operating system. 

There’s only one problem: The Fossil Sport watch only arrived in stores on November 12, but Fossil’s website says the watch is already sold out. 

Still, with a popular new smartwatch like this — and the holidays fast approaching — it’s possible Fossil will re-stock the watch so more customers can get their hands on it. 

I’ve been wearing the Fossil Sport on and off over the last few weeks, and found a lot to like about it, especially it’s comfortable feel on my wrist — an important consideration for a wearable device. Here’s what it’s like to use: 

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Overall, I had mixed feelings about the design.

After using the Fossil Sport on and off for a few weeks, I’m of two minds about the design. 

On one hand, the watch is incredibly lightweight, which means it’s perfect for working out. I barely noticed it while running, and the silicone strap meant I didn’t have to be too precious with it or worry about it getting sweaty. I tried the rose gold version, and the face looked great — the gold is a pretty tone, and the watch feels subtle enough to be worn every day.

Plus, I can’t say enough about how incredibly comfortable it is to wear for long stretches of time.

But… the overall look of the Fossil Sport was a little odd to me. While the face does look nice, it’s attached to a big hunk of white plastic that cheapens the overall look of the watch. That would be fine, except that this watch costs $255. For that much money, you want your watch to look a bit more high-end. 

But there was one small design element that I loved.

At this point, I’m mostly used to smartwatches having one physical button, but the Fossil Sport has three. 

The middle button does exactly what you’d expect: it pulls up the app drawer, and you can use it to browse through apps or scroll up and down on the screen. 

The other two buttons are remappable, which means you set them up however you like in the watch’s settings. I set my buttons up to be shortcuts: the top button is a flashlight, and the bottom button is a „Start workout“ button, so I can quickly start a run without fiddling through the watch to much. 

I did notice that the Fossil Sport had a tendency to get a little warm.

Over time, I noticed that the Fossil Sport tended to get a bit warm. Not warm in a concerning, my-watch-is-going-to-blow-up sort of way, but certainly in a noticeable way. 

I don’t think it’s cause to be worried, and the warmth went away after a few minutes. But it was an unusual little tic. 

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