8 easy ways to save money on meat

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  • Stretch how far your meat goes with dishes like meatballs.
  • A local butcher may give you a bargain on meat.
  • Organ meats can be a delicious deal.

Meat is a luxury product. It’s expensive to produce (think of all the food, water and space any given animal needs as it grows into your future meal…) and, well, it should be. Super-cheap meats can be unhealthy and while factory farmed, mass-produced meats may save you a few bucks, they can be bad for you in the long run. 

The cheapest pound of meat at the store isn’t always the best, for its price and its taste. We asked meat-buying experts for their tips on buying meat while keeping a budget in mind — without sacrificing any quality for the price.

Shop the sales.

Instead of going to the supermarket set on purchasing a pound of chicken drumsticks, see what’s on sale — and stock up.

„When you find meat that’s on sale, purchase it in bulk, take advantage of the discount and go home and either seal it in a freezer tight bag or use something like a food saver to save your meat and freeze it yourself,“ Chef Erica Barrett, founder and CEO of Southern Culture Artisan Foods, told INSIDER.

You’re saving on the meat itself and on future trips to the grocery store if you have a freezer full of whatever was cheapest on sale.

Chat up the butcher.

A neighborhood butcher may be your best friend when it comes to getting deals on meat.

„Just ask, ‘What kind of cuts do you have? Or, ‘Do you have anything special?'“ suggested Chef Bobby Hodge of Nashville’s Oak Steakhouse.

A butcher can help talk you through similarly priced meats to determine which is the best value. „Maybe it’s a cut you have never tried and they help you out. Butcher know cheaper cuts that you may not know of that are just as or more flavorful than what you would’ve bought.“

Also, a butcher may have an abundance of something almost at its prime that needs to leave the refrigerated case, state, so they can cut you a deal. Butchers may also be able to share scraps or bones for cheap, so you can make a meaty soup or stew without paying full price.

Eat tongue, tripe, and kidney.

„A nutritious way to save money on meat would be to go for the organ meats instead of the more common options like steak or drumsticks,“ said Caleb Backe, personal trainer and health and wellness expert for Maple Holistics.

„Organ meats are not only a cost-effective option but are more nutrient-dense than your typical muscle-meat. They contain iron, magnesium, zinc, and folate, as well as Vitamin B12, A, and K which all serve to retain muscle mass and keep you fuller for longer. Whether you feel like trying tongue, tripe or kidneys, organ cuts are an effective and healthy way to save money on meat.“  

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