An island of tiny homes in Norway is available to rent for $3,500 a week. People call it a 'slice of heaven.'

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  • A group of architects designed an island of tiny homes in Norway that’s only accessible by boat.
  • The project recently won one of Architizer’s 2018 awards, which celebrates the world’s best design projects.
  • The entire community is available to rent for $3,500 a week, but artists can apply for a free stay.

Along the coast of Northern Norway lies an island with no cars or shops, just nine tiny cabins overlooking the ocean. To gain access, visitors hop on an hour-long boat ride from a neighboring island, then climb a wooden walkway through the lush, mountainous terrain. 

Though isolated from the mainland, the island is equipped with all the trappings of modern design: prefab building materials, sustainable wood exteriors, and, in one instance, an elevated column that connects to a floating cabin. 

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Since opening in 2017, the community has become a hideaway for musicians and artists looking for a tranquil space to relax and create. It now has a five-star rating on TripAdvisor, where visitors are calling it „a little slice of heaven.“

It’s also been heralded by design experts. The homes recently won one of Architizer’s 2018 A+Awards, which celebrates the world’s best architecture projects.

In addition to four bedroom cabins, the island has a seaside sauna, bathhouse, kitchen, living room, and mini cathedral that provides space for meditation.

Take a look at some of the island’s features. 

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To avoid destroying the land, the architects, Rintala Eggertsson and TYIN tegnestue, opted for multiple tiny cabins instead of a single mega-development.

The building materials were carried to the island, where they were assembled on site.

Artists can apply to have their stay funded, but visitors can rent the entire community for around $3,500 a week.

Artists are expected to share some of their work once their stay is over.


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