The 27 most politically divisive shows on TV

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  • INSIDER conducted a survey on viewers‘ favorite shows currently airing on TV by asking them to list their top five. 
  • One question also asked was about the viewers‘ political affiliation. 
  • From those results, we determined which were the most politically divisive shows on TV.

Though television shows may not actively lean in any one political direction, some tend to appeal more to one side of the political spectrum.

INSIDER conducted a survey and asked viewers to list their five favorite shows currently on TV. We also asked for political affiliations. 

After breaking down the numbers and responses from participants who indicated they were moderately to strongly conservative or moderately to strongly liberal, INSIDER found which shows held the biggest divide between those groups. We excluded responses from those who said they fell into the middle range for political affiliation.

Here are the top 27 most divisive shows currently on TV. 

SurveyMonkey Audience polls from a national sample balanced by census data of age and gender. Respondents are incentivized to complete surveys through charitable contributions. Generally speaking, digital polling tends to skew toward people with access to the internet. SurveyMonkey Audience doesn’t try to weight its sample based on race or income. Total 1,217 respondents, margin of error 3% with 95% confidence level, poll ran November 16 to 17.

„Last Man Standing“ (Fox)

Liberal: 0%

Conservative: 65%

Difference: 65%

„Last Man Standing“ was canceled by ABC in 2016 after six seasons, but was picked up by Fox in 2018. Tim Allen plays a politically conservative family man who works as the marketing director for an outdoor sports store. Some other members of his family, including his wife, are more liberal. 

„SEAL Team“ (CBS)

Liberal: 0%

Conservative: 65%

Difference: 65%

The series centers on an elite unit of the Navy SEALS as they train and complete missions.

„The Good Place“ (NBC)

Liberal: 59%

Conservative: 6%

Difference: 53%

Four humans find themselves discovering what it means to be good when they learn from a a demon and a programmed guide that there’s a point system that determines a person’s fate in the afterlife. 

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