17 of the biggest food recalls of the year

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  • Food recalls have been in the news a lot this year.
  • Salmonella, listeria, parasites, and glass shards are just a few things that have crept into our food in 2018.
  • Major brands like Pepperidge Farm and Kellogg’s recalled popular foods.

Maybe you’ve heard about the millions of pounds of recalled beef or the veggie trays containing parasites, but those are just a small sampling of the food recalls issued this year.

The FDA website keeps a record of all food recalls. We’ve rounded up the biggest, grossest, or most surprising food recalls of 2018, from contaminated Goldfish crackers to incorrectly labeled edamame.

Keep scrolling, and grocery shop with caution.

Romaine lettuce has had a rough year — at least five people died and hundreds were hospitalized due to an E. coli outbreak traced back to it.

In 2018, the US saw two outbreaks of E. coli, a bacteria that can cause hemorrhagic diarrhea, kidney failure, and death in young children, elderly people, and those with weakened immune systems.

An E. coli outbreak making more than 200 people sick began in early April, with lettuce from Yuma, Arizona, appearing to be the source. The problem was thought to be under control by June as the shelf life of romaine is only 21 days.

In November, however, another E. coli outbreak infected 43 people across 12 states, and was traced back to romaine lettuce again. The CDC still has not figured out where the contamination originated, and is advising the entire US population to avoid romaine lettuce.

As many as 12 million pounds of raw beef products have been recalled since October.

In the beginning of October, JBS Tolleson, an Arizona-based meat producer, recalled 6.5 million pounds of „various raw, non-intact beef products“ due to an outbreak of salmonella. Between August 5 and September 6, 57 cases of salmonella across 16 states were linked to this outbreak.

Two months later, another 5.1 million pounds of beef were added to the list, bringing the total to 12 million pounds of raw beef recalled by JBS, Kroger, and Laura’s Lean, among others. As of November 15, 246 people in 25 states have been infected with salmonella, with 56 hospitalizations total (but no deaths).

Salmonella is a bacteria that can cause salmonellosis, the symptoms of which are fever, diarrhea (which may be bloody), nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

Recalled eggs from Gravel Ridge Farms in Alabama were linked to 38 cases of salmonella.

Beginning in September, Gravel Ridge Farms in Cullman County, Alabama, recalled eggs due to salmonella. Forty-four people across 11 states were infected overall, and 12 were hospitalized. Luckily, no fatalities were reported. According to the the CDC, the outbreak appears to be over.


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