The 15 most overhyped TV shows of the year

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  • There’s often a lot of excitement about certain TV shows when they are initially announced. 
  • But sometimes, the shows don’t always live up to the hype or anticipation.
  • Here are 15 overhyped shows from 2018, including HBO’s „Camping,“ Paramount’s „Heathers“ reboot, and Amazon’s „Jack Ryan“ revival.

„Heathers“ was almost never released.

Paramount’s „Heathers“ was supposed to be a progressive remake of the beloved cult classic movie from 1988, but instead it was a disaster, trying to flip social commentary on its head and failing. 

The series was originally supposed to premiere in the US in March, but after the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School, the series was postponed until July due to its subject matter.

It was later reported in June that Paramount dropped the series completely, but after making some changes, „Heathers“ went from 10 episodes down to nine and Paramount decided to release the series over a five-night event. But not even that rollout worked for the series. 

Two episodes were pulled from the TV schedule and made available only online following the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh. The finale aired on TV. 


„Rise“ was supposed to be the new, more serious „Glee.“

Josh Radnor, of „How I Met Your Mother“ fame, played an English teacher who wanted to transform the school’s drama department and stepped over the assistant director, played by Rosie Perez, to do it. He picked the inappropriate for teens musical „Spring Awakening“ for the its show and faced an intense amount of backlash from the school and the parents. But the drama couldn’t save the series, and it was canceled after one season. 

„Camping“ isn’t a beloved comedy.

„Camping“ is from the minds of creators Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, whose „Girls“ was a smash hit for HBO. The cast includes Jennifer Garner and David Tennant. But even with those talented stars, the show about friends who go on a camping trip wasn’t a hit. 

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