The best value plays in your DraftKings lineup for Week 14 of the NFL season

Mark Ingram

  • Week 14 of the NFL season is a crucial one for fantasy players.
  • If you failed to make the playoffs in your season-long league, daily fantasy games are an easy way to get your fantasy fix.
  • This week, running backs Mark Ingram and Gus Edwards are both in a good position to outplay their value in DraftKings.

For most fantasy players, Week 14 represents the first week of the playoffs — putting those at the top of their leagues just a few wins away from taking home the grand prize.

Thankfully, for those who failed to make the fantasy postseason this year, daily fantasy games offer the opportunity to get our fantasy fix even if our team fell short in our league.

Take a look below for our picks at every position that looks set to outplay their pricing this week in DraftKings. They’ll come in handy for when you’ve constructed the perfect lineup only to find that you don’t have quite as much money left for your flex as you expected.

QB: Aaron Rodgers, $6,000

Aaron Rodgers is a bit more expensive than quarterbacks we usually like to pick in this spot, but at just $6,000 and finally playing free from the weight of Mike McCarthy that was hanging over the season, Rodgers should have a monster day at Lambeau.

There are six quarterbacks listed as more expensive this week, but don’t be surprised if Rodgers is the top scoring player on Sunday.

RB: Mark Ingram, $5,700

Again, Mark Ingram is a tad expensive for this column, but he still represents a value in that he has a good shot to be one of the top scoring backs this weekend. The Buccaneers rushing defense is far from impressive, and Ingram is due for a big day.

RB: Gus Edwards, $4,500

Gus Edwards is the gift that keeps on giving, averaging 105 yards per game on more than 20 touches since taking over the lead back role in Baltimore in Week 11. This week, he’s facing the Bengals, who sport the second worst rushing defense in the league but is still somehow available for under $5,000.

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