11 tips for introverts who are already freaking out about holiday party season

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  • We’re quickly coming up on perhaps one of the most dreaded times of the year for introverts: The holidays.
  • That’s because just about every company is throwing holiday parties.
  • Here’s are 11 tips for introverts and shy folks to help them deal with the onslaught of party invites.


Most introverts gain energy from being alone, while extroverts tend to thrive while socializing in large groups of people.

Unfortunately for the former category, who comprise around a third to one half of the population, holiday party season is coming up. That means huge crowds of unfamiliar folks, a lot of mingling, and probably not the sort of in-depth, one-on-one chats that introverts tend to enjoy.

Still, introverts can survive holiday parties aplenty — and they might even enjoy them.

Here’s your survival guide: 

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Show up

You might be tempted to skip. Don’t do it.

To show that you’re committed to the company, make sure you show up for at least 30 minutes. Always assume company gatherings are „must attend“ events.

„If you never show up at company events, you lose brownie points,“ Karen Wickre, author of the recently published „Taking the Work Out of Networking: An Introvert’s Guide to Making Connections That Count,“ previously told Business Insider.

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Think of it as a fun challenge — not the bane of your week

Deciding ahead of time that you’re dreading your holiday party is a top introvert mistake, said Dr. Alice Boyes, author of The Healthy Mind Toolkit and The Anxiety Toolkit.

Instead of thinking of the party as something to totally dread, mentally frame it as an interesting challenge to which you can apply your skill set and that you can overcome. 

„Anything that doesn’t come naturally to you, you can pull off temporarily if you apply your other strengths to solving the problem,“ Boyes told Business Insider. „For example, someone who has a love of learning, can learn some conversation skills. If you’re a naturally helpful person maybe you apply that skill by helping out the host. If you love children, maybe you entertain the kids at the party. Use whatever strengths you have.“

Brainstorm some conversation topics

Before the party, think up a few icebreaker lines to keep in your back pocket — like asking folks if they’re local, a quip about the food, or their hobbies. 

„This is something people can easily test to see if they find it helpful or not,“ Boyes said. „Sometimes people find it helpful to briefly think about potential conversation topics, as long as it doesn’t lead to being rigid or overtalking about a topic other people aren’t as intensely interested in.“

You might even plan to talk to a senior manager or another person you’re interested in building a connection with, said Alexandra Dickinson, careers expert and membership strategy lead at SoFi.

Take a few moments to prepare by thinking about what topic you might like to raise with them and what you can ask or say that makes your message unique,“ Dickinson said. 

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