22 of the most baffling outfits celebrities wore in 2018

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  • Celebrities took some major fashion risks in 2018.
  • Stars like Bella Hadid and Rita Ora confused some fans with their unconventional street style.
  • Kendall Jenner donned several geometric ensembles on the red carpet this year.
  • Over the summer, Kim Kardashian West and Blake Lively both braved the sweltering heat in velvet outfits.

In 2018, Hollywood embraced some particularly daring fashion trends.

Celebrities didn’t just ditch their pants this year; they also wore underwear as outerwear during the day and rocked one „naked“ look after another.

These fashion risks often paid off, but sometimes even the most stylish stars made some pretty baffling choices.

Below, see 22 of the most eyebrow-raising looks celebrities wore in 2018.

During Paris Fashion Week in January, Bella Hadid was photographed in a sheer black top, tights, and dad sneakers.

She wore the eyebrow-raising mesh pieces under an oversized, belted gray blazer by Heron Preston.

That same week, she stepped out in what looked like a glossy black trench coat and tiny sunglasses.

The floor-length jacket was actually designed as an evening gown by Ralph Lauren. It retailed for $10,000 before selling out.

On January 22, Rita Ora was also spotted in Paris wearing the tiny sunglasses trend.

The singer accessorized an orange and purple cape jacket with thigh-high black boots covered in a floral orange and purple print.

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