The best women's workout tights you can buy

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The best workout leggings

  • When it’s cold outside, you need a good pair of workout tights to keep your muscles warm and protected.

  • Sweaty Betty makes the best women’s workout tights you can buy. Not only do they look great, but they’re made to last through intense workouts day in and day out.

It’s tights weather again, bless up. Not only does that mean that it’s okay to leave your home in naught but an oversized sweater and yoga pants, but it also means that you’re probably putting away your athletic shorts in favor of your longer athletic wear.

I’m always thrilled to have the opportunity to try on new pairs of workout tights. Not only do they generally make your butt look unreasonably good, but they’re also remarkably multipurpose. A great pair of tights can go straight from the gym to your night out, which is the type of multitasking that I want my clothes to be able to do.

When considering what new tights to add to your closet this season, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. First, what sort of exercise are you most likely to engage in? Some tights are better suited for yoga, while other well-ventilated options may be best for your long runs.

You’ll also want to consider the length of your tights. While some women prefer their legs to be fully covered during their workout, you may prefer a slightly cropped look. To that end, you’ll want to keep in mind the multifunctional aspect of your tights — I’ve always found that full-length wear is easier to transition into streetwear than the cropped variety.

Another thing to think about in your purchasing process is sustainability. An increasing number of companies are ensuring that their tights are ethically made and environmentally friendly. If you’re constantly replenishing your tights supply, you should probably look toward a company that’s doing its part to keep the Earth healthy even as it manufactures large quantities of athletic wear.

Finally, of course, price point is important to consider. While dropping a pretty penny on workout gear almost always feels worth it, you probably don’t need that fifth pair of $150 leggings to sweat in.

Here are the best workout tights that women can buy:

Read on in the slides below to check out our top picks.

The best workout tights for women overall

Why you’ll love it: For tights that make you look and feel almost unreasonably good, the best place to go is Sweaty Betty.

If you go to the gym to see and be seen (hey, no shame), then you’ll want to be wearing something that makes you look as confident as you feel. And here to help you do just that is Sweaty Betty, whose Zero Gravity tights will never fail you — either in form or in function.

Not only are these leggings shockingly light so that you can take them with you on work trips and vacations alike, but they’re also extremely effective in sculpting your backside. I’m not entirely sure how Sweaty Betty manages to create tights that make your bum look quite so bodacious, but whatever they’re doing, it’s working wonders.

I’m a huge fan of the 7/8 Run Leggings, a black pair with just the right amount of eggplant and neon accents down the side of your legs, creating an elongating effect. This particular pair is designed with 80% opacity, so while they’re great for running or HIIT workouts, they’re less suitable for hot yoga.

All of Sweaty Betty’s bum-sculpting leggings are constructed with a unique Italian fabric that is not only lightweight but also sweat-wicking with killer compression technology to keep you in place no matter how tough your workout. Because the fibers are hydrophilic, they’ll keep sweat away from your body, and will also help the tights dry faster — whether it’s after a turn in the laundry machine or after a hard run.

Despite wearing and washing my leggings on what is likely a too-often basis, I’ve yet to wear these leggings down. They may feel incredibly delicate and breathable, but rest assured, they’re much hardier than you think. So even if you’re paying $135 a pair, you’ll have these leggings for years on end.

Pros: Fantastic bum-sculpting, extremely lightweight, sweat-wicking, breathable

Cons: 80% opacity means you’ll want a different pair for yoga, expensive

Buy Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity Leggings for $135

The best flattering workout tights

Why you’ll love it: For workout tights that make you look good from the second you put them on, check out Boom Boom Athletica.

Boom Boom Athletica was founded by an ultra-marathon runner, so it comes as no surprise that the workout tights from this line are about as high-performance as you can find on the market. That said, what may surprise you is just how flattering these pieces really are.

Boom Boom Athletica’s entire line is edgy and functional, but its tights are particularly adept at sculpting your body and giving off that enviable hourglass shape.

Recently stocked at Nordstrom, Boom Boom Athletica’s workout wear is made from premium moisture-wicking fabric that dries quickly to keep you cool and comfortable, four-way stretch fabric that welcomes motion and has UPF properties, and compressive designs.

I’m a huge fan of the Tricolor Panel Leggings, not only because they’re wildly soft and great to work out in but also because they’re extremely aesthetically pleasing. Cleverly placed mesh paneling and flattering geometric patterns make these tights some of the best in my wardrobe.

The brand’s leggings are of the high-waist variety and feature a thick waistband and a figure-flattering pattern. As Insider Picks reporter Mara Leighton wrote previously, the moisture-wicking fabric dries quickly, smooth flatlock seaming minimizes rubbing and irritation and only helps streamline silhouette, while the antimicrobial fabric helps inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. They fit true to size.

Pros: Incredibly flattering, very soft, comfortable for all workouts

Cons: At $115 a pair, these are not inexpensive leggings

Buy the Boom Boom Athletica leggings for $125, available in Black/Grey/White

The best warm workout tights

Why you’ll love it: For mornings and evenings that are not just chilly, but windy, too, you’ll need a pair of tights like Reebok’s new Thermowarms to keep you cozy throughout your workout.  

There’s a reason you’re meant to warm up before working out, and in much the same way, you want to stay warm throughout your workout. While you can normally maintain your body temperature simply by upping your activity level, on particularly cold days and nights, this may be a bit more difficult to do. Enter Thermowarm, a new technology from Reebok that’s meant specifically for the chilly weather to come.

These newly designed tights are built especially for running and are comprised of a performance fleece that feels remarkably soft on your skin. Not only does it feel great, but the fabric insulates against the elements, too. When wind chill sends temperatures into negative ranges, you’ll be thankful to have a pair of Thermowarms around.

In addition to the warmth provided by the fabric, these tights also feature woven panels on the front to shield your legs from strong headwinds. With the addition of a secure stash pocket, you can keep keys, cash, and other essentials on your person throughout your workout.

The Thermowarm fabric has the added benefit of being sweat-wicking, which helps maintain a higher body temperature, and the addition of fleece and woven fabrics directly into the spandex help to make this a particularly comfortable pair of tights. An internal drawcord helps keep a secure fit around your waist, while 360-degree reflectivity keeps you safe during the evening hours.

Pros: Extremely warm, offers protection from headwinds, sweat-wicking, comfortable

Cons: Because these tights are so warm, they’re not exactly all-weather friendly

Buy the Reebok Thermowarm tights for $70

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