9 ways the 'Bird Box' movie is different from the book

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for „Bird Box.“

  • Netflix’s new horror film, „Bird Box“ has captivated audiences and spawned thousands of memes
  • The film is based on a 2014 novel of the same name by Josh Malerman.
  • The ending in the film differs from that in the book as do some of the characters.

Netflix’s „Bird Box“ won’t stop captivating and disturbing audiences, to the point where the internet has been flooded with memes about it since it came out on December 21st. But many don’t know that the story was adapted from a novel, and while the two are similar, the book is even darker than the movie.

Here are nine differences between the book and the movie. 

The novel is set in Detroit.

Netflix’s „Bird Box“ changes the setting in Josh Malerman’s novel to Northern California, which makes for all of the beautiful nature shots throughout the film.

The book’s timeline is more spread out.

Netflix’s adaptation condenses the beginning of the story in order to spend more time focusing on what happens after the outbreak. At the beginning of the film, we see that the mass suicides and hysteria are spreading rapidly across the globe. Malorie’s sister, Jessica, is hardly introduced before she dies by suicide on the way home from Malorie’s OBGYN appointment.

In the book, the mass suicides take much longer to spread, and Jessica’s character gets a little more development. As the outbreak affects more and more areas, Malorie and Jessica barricade themselves in their apartment in the hopes of surviving and last for three months before Jessica dies by suicide.

Jessica’s death is different in the novel.

In the film version, Jessica is driving Malorie home from her OBGYN appointment when she sees one of the monsters and crashes the car, then dies by suicide after stepping in front of an oncoming bus.

The book has Jessica survive for three months while holed into the apartment with Malorie before she accidentally sees one of the creatures and dies by suicide in the bathroom.

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