8 things ‘You’ got wrong about bookstores, according to experts

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Warning: This post may contain spoilers.

  • The Lifetime series „You“ was recently acquired by Netflix and some people have called it out for its inaccurate portrayal of bookstores and references to books.
  • INSIDER spoke with a longtime staff member of the Strand Bookstore in New York City, as well as the son of a rare book dealer, to see what the show got wrong in its portrayal of bookstores.
  • Climate-controlled cubes in the basement of bookstores are not a thing, and rare copies of books would be for collecting rather than giving them to children.

The Lifetime show „You“ is one of the most-watched series on Netflix right now, and people love it for its shocking moments, compelling characters and love of books. But book lovers have started picking up on some of the show’s literary mistakes, specifically the things the show gets wrong about the bookstore where Joe works.

INSIDER spoke with Sky Friedlander, head of the Books by the Foot department at Strand, the biggest bookstore in New York that also deals with rare books, as well as the son of a rare book dealer who goes by rocksoffjagger on Reddit, to learn more about all the literary details „You“ might have gotten wrong.

Of course, it’s worth noting that lots of professions are made more cinematic for TV and movies, and this debunking is just for fun.

Chances are most rare bookstores don’t have climate-controlled cubes in the basement.

„Maybe an enormous shop like Peter Harrington would have a less dramatic version of a similar setup, but this is completely nuts. Certainly, no book shop that sells new books (especially the latest Dan Brown novel) is devoting these kinds of resources to rare books,“ Redditor rocksoffjagger said.

Friedlander also said he couldn’t think of any bookstore that would have a climate-controled „cube“ in its basement.

In reality, a bookstore’s most expensive books wouldn’t be kept in the basement where no one can buy them.

„A basement storage like that would be more appropriate for an archive or academic library — although I will say I’ve never seen a ‚cube‘ like that before,“ Friedlander said. „To me, it’s pretty clear they needed something that could visually serve the plot and act like a cage later on.“

The cube wouldn’t even actually be necessary for preserving books.

„The vast majority of books will do just fine in a room with a reasonably stable climate and minimal direct sunlight,“ Redditor rocksoffjagger told INSIDER.

He added that it’d be more important to store valuable books and manuscripts in a fireproof safe rather than a properly humidified cube. 

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