7 celebrities who reportedly could have been the Bachelor or Bachelorette

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  • „The Bachelor“ and „The Bachelorette“ seem to have fairly predictable patterns when it comes to casting the lead, at least, now that the shows have been on the air for so long.
  • But the popular, long-running franchises have also considered people well outside Bachelor Nation for the main gig.
  • You may not have realized, but there are actually a number of celebrities who were reportedly considered for the lead role of Bachelor or Bachelorette at one time or another.

If you watch „The Bachelor“ or  „The Bachelorette“ you likely know who many of the leads have been over the years and you probably recognize many of them from previous seasons of the shows.

But, turns out, there are even a few celebrities who have reportedly been considered for the roles of Bachelor and Bachelorette. See which celebrities who claim they could’ve been the Bachelor or Bachelorette themselves.

Ivanka Trump said she wanted to focus on real estate.

That’s right, current First Daughter and advisor to the president Ivanka Trump reportedly could have been the Bachelorette. In 2007, Trump told People that she had been offered „tons of shows [including] „The Bachelorette.“

Of course, she’s married now, but even back then she put any idea that she might be the Bachelorette to rest, saying, „I’m flattered, but that in no way furthers my objective of being a great real estate developer.“

Jonathan Scott said he has been asked multiple times.

„Property Brothers'“ Jonathan Scott is no stranger to reality television, but that doesn’t mean he has any interest in finding love on TV. In an interview with Us Weekly, the „Builder Brothers“ author said that he’s turned down the lead three times: once from „The Bachelor Canada“ and twice from the „The Bachelor.“

„That is so not my jam,“ Scott told the magazine. „That’s my nightmare. Like, I can’t even imagine. 30 — what is it, 30 women or whatever? I wouldn’t even know how to wield three people. I would be terrified, so no.“

Charlie Ebersol said he wasn’t at all interested.

Producer — and Britney Spears‘ ex — told Us Weekly that he too was offered the role of the Bachelor, but that it was a non-starter. „They asked me to do ‚The Bachelor‘ a bunch of years ago and it was the most awkward phone call I have ever been a part of in my entire life,“ Ebersol said. „There’s no way in hell I’m ever doing it.“

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