26 heartthrobs from the golden age of Hollywood

marlon brando

  • Hollywood’s golden age took place from the end of the silent film era to the early 1960s, and was a high point for the film industry. 
  • The era was also rife with heartthrobs, many of whom drew huge box office numbers for their respective studios. 
  • From Marlon Brando to Marilyn Monroe to Paul Newman, movie lovers in the early and mid 20th century had a lot to look forward to.

The heartthrob is not a recent invention. Though many Justin Bieber and One Direction fans may think their crushes are the first in existence, crush-worthy famous people are a phenomenon that dates back to Hollywood’s golden age. Silent film star Rudolph Valentino, for example, is considered by some to be one of Hollywood’s first heartthrobs.

From Cary Grant to Sophia Loren to Doris Day, here are 26 swoon-worthy stars from Hollywood’s golden years. 

Frank Sinatra was the original heartthrob.

The ladies called him „Ol‘ Blue Eyes,“ and the world called the ladies „bobby soxers.“ In the mid-’30s, singer and actor Frank Sinatra became, arguably, the original heartthrob. Ladies around the nation flocked to his shows, as The Guardian’s New York correspondent observed about Sinatra in 1945:

„The United States is now in the midst of one of those remarkable phenomena of mass hysteria … the teenage girls who constitute the main part of his audience also wear short white half-hose, and are therefore called ‚bobby-sox girls‘ or, more simply, ‚bobby-soxers‘.“

And according to Mental Floss, Sinatra’s publicist, George Evans, even auditioned bobby soxers to scream at Sinatra’s concerts, paying them a few bucks each to ignite excitement for the star. 



Marilyn Monroe was one of the original sex symbols.

Marilyn Monroe started out in Hollywood in the late ’40s, but she really started to get her footing — and gain heightened exposure — after appearing in films like „The Seven Year Itch“ (1955) and „The Misfits“ (1961). She was known „both for her winsome embodiment of the Hollywood sex symbol, and her tragic personal and professional struggles within the film industry,“ according to IMDb.

James Dean’s bad boy persona has had a lasting legacy.

Another teen idol of his time, actor James Dean was known for his bad boy persona and, fittingly, his role in 1955’s „Rebel Without A Cause.“

Dean only made three movies in his lifetime, as the budding actor died in a car accident at the age of 24 in 1955. His premature death left him etched into American pop culture as a forever young, t-shirt-and-jeans-clad icon. The New York Times described the enduring James Dean image as clear, remaining strong, instantly recognizable, American as Coca-Cola.“ 

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