I revisited my AncestryDNA test 3 years later and found some surprising changes to my results

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  • I first took Ancestry’s DNA test three years ago, and found out that my family history was more complex than I initially thought. 
  • In September 2018, Ancestry updated its ethnicity estimates. As part of the update, my results got a lot more specific. 
  • In the updated results, I found out that I’m much more Norwegian than I initially thought. 

Ever since 2015, I’ve been sending my spit in to companies like 23andMe and AncestryDNA to find out what I can learn from my genes. 

But the journey didn’t end when I got my initial reports back. Since then, the tests have been updating, adding new reports in 23andMe’s case and new features in Ancestry’s case.

Most recently in September 2018, Ancestry did a major update to its ethnicity estimates for its $99 test. Curious to find out how my new results would compare to the ones I got before, I logged back onto the site.

Here’s what I found. 

It’s been about three years since I first sent my spit over to Ancestry to see what the company could tell me about my heritage. My AncestryDNA kit arrived in the mail in a small box the size of a hardcover book.

Opening it up, I found a collection tube (and a bag to seal it in once I was done), a set of instructions, and a smaller box to send it all back in.

After a few minutes of dutifully spitting into the collection tube, I was ready to get my sample ready to ship. Following the kit’s directions, I placed a special cap on my tube designed to release a chemical solution (the blue stuff on the top) to get — and keep — my spit in tip-top shape for sequencing.

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