24 of the most underrated things to do in Amsterdam


  • To get the most out of your trip to Amsterdam, consider visiting Museum Vrolik and the Tropenmuseum.
  • When it comes to food, you won’t regret a trip to G’s, Benji’s, or Eddy Spaghetti.
  • Café de Ceuvel and Waterkant allow diners to enjoy food and drinks while sitting right on the water. 

There’s nothing wrong with branching out from tours and guides while traveling, especially in cities like Amsterdam, where tourist attractions like the Rijksmuseum alone receive over 2 million visitors a year.

As much as people love the Van Gogh Museum and will dearly miss the iAmsterdam sign, it’s likely that the Dutch hang out as much in these spots as New Yorkers hang out in Times Square. Although Amsterdam natives are no stranger to crowds, there are still many places where they prefer to relax and take a break from tourists.

Next time you find yourself in the Venice of the North, skip the crowds and consider visiting one of these 24 underrated spots. 

Get an anatomy lesson at Museum Vrolik.

Museum Vrolik is ideal for those into science, anatomy, or just a little bit of horror. Home to a unique collection of human and animal skulls, bones, embryos, and more, it is one of the few museums of its kind in the world.

Get to know the animals at ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo.

The ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo is fun for the whole family. They house traditional zoo animals like lions and elephants, along with an aquarium, a planetarium, and a microbes exhibit that come together for a unique experience.

Take a stroll through DapperMarkt.

Six days a week, city-goers can visit DapperMarkt, an enormous street market spanning the length of Dapperstraat in Amsterdam-Oost. Hundreds of vendors gather in the neighborhood, offering a wide variety of wares that change from day to day.

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